[Qgis-user] Copy a raster

john.polo jpolo at mail.usf.edu
Wed Mar 21 22:17:48 EDT 2012

QGIS Users,

New QGIS user here, as well as a novice at GIS, with what is probably a 
basic question. If I want to copy a raster (.tif), should I just Cntl-C 
the file in the folder and paste and rename the copied file back into 
the folder? In ArcGIS I'd export the data and make all the copies I 
want. (Not griping against QGIS, just trying to give a better indication 
of what I intended to do) I looked in the edit menu and couldn't find an 
export or copy function. The edit toggle doesn't activate the layer for 
me to copy like I would a polygon. I checked the raster menu and wasn't 
sure which function would make a copy of the raster.

John Polo

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