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#125: File upload capability for web docs
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 After discussing with Bob, we can to the conclusion that the best way to
 handle the MapGuide and FDO massive doc folders is to have some way of
 being able to upload all these mega files to the www.osgeo.org server -
 instead of the currently annoying task of managing them in SVN.

 His team would only need access to one folder via something like WebDav
 (or ftp) to be able to upload their computer generated docs for their html
 api browser.  I thought of WebDav because it will already be included in
 Apache and is really easy to setup and could optionally use our LDAP.

 This document management issue exists for others too, not just MapGuide
 and FDO, but some of the committees have many large files scattered about
 that are not good to manage through simplistic web forms.  So a general
 solution built on LDAP would be ideal.

 Any thoughts?  What do others think?

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