[OSGeo-Standards] SVG Map Toolkit 0.7.0 released

Satoru Takagi sa-takagi at kddi.com
Wed Oct 8 21:04:30 EDT 2008

Hi Carl,

I knew that mpeg of the ISO needed a royalty.

And, the following sentences are generally mentioned in specifications 
of the ISO. Because I do not know a lot about such a thing, please teach 
how I should interpret this meaning.

 >Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of 
this document may be the subject of patent. rights. ISO shall not be 
held responsible...

See also:


Satoru Takagi

Carl Reed さんは書きました:
> Satoru -
> Just to be clear on the topic of ISO standards. The ISO TC-211 standards 
> (geomatics) are royalty free. Any fees are for the purchase of the 
> physical document - not royalty payments. Any jointly developed OGC-ISO 
> documents, such as Spatial Referencing by Coordinates are free to 
> download and use from the OGC website.
> Regards
> Carl
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>> Hi Daniel,
>> SVG Map Toolkit is not an open source. Its openness is the 
>> specifications which it is based on. SVG Map Toolkit is based on SVG 
>> 1.1 Tiny.
>> Openness of specifications of the W3C including SVG is improved by its 
>> royalty-free policy. On the other hand, for example, it is not 
>> guaranteed with the specifications of ISO.
>> Especially, SVG Map Toolkit supports Geographic Coordinate System 
>> specifications of SVG1.1.  And probably it is the only implementation 
>> to realize layering based on it and hyperlink.
>> Because there are not so much the demand in Japan though it is 
>> technically possible, implementation on non-Windows platforms 
>> excluding BREW is not still examined.
>> Regards,
>> Satoru Takagi
>> Daniel Morissette さんは書きました:
>>> Could you please clarify the license terms of SVG Map Toolkit? Is it 
>>> an open source license or not?
>>> The notes at http://blog.svg-map.com/2007/09/svg_map_toolkit.html 
>>> seem to suggest that it has a "trial time limit" ... and I can't read 
>>> the license in Japanese.
>>> Also, are there plans to port the toolkit to non-Windows platforms?
>>> Daniel
>>> Satoru Takagi wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I continue working on Web GIS application of SVG.
>>>> The project is called SVG Map and uses SVG as mechanism for 
>>>> inter-operation (mash-up) of the GISs by the hyperlink that is not 
>>>> existing WebGIS mechanism to use SVG (or web browser) for as only 
>>>> mere indication mechanism. In other words it has the client centric 
>>>> inter-operation architecture not a server centric architecture that 
>>>> demanded a great deal of operative costs.
>>>> In addition, the project takes the support from the Japanese 
>>>> Government as de-jure standardization.
>>>> SVG Map has the specifications that some expansion was given to SVG 
>>>> which we call SVG Map Profile.
>>>> SVG Map Profile :
>>>> http://blog.svg-map.com/2008/07/the-index-of-sv.html
>>>> We have released SVG Map Toolkit as implementation of SVG Map 
>>>> Profile. SVG Map Toolkit is a viewer of ActiveX type for IE.
>>>> And latest SVG Map Toolkit 0.7.0 were released this time.
>>>> Download SVG Map Toolkit 0.7.0:
>>>> http://blog.svg-map.com/2008/09/svg-map-toolkit.html
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