Is there a meeting scheduled for this month? I forget.

Steve Lime Steve.Lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Thu Dec 7 13:33:39 EST 2006

Need to get that on the mapserver site calendar.

>>> >>> "Fischer, Brian" <bfischer at HOUSTONENGINEERINGINC.COM> 12/7/2006
11:59:24 AM >>>
It is scheduled for Tues. 12/12/06, 5pm at Houston Engineering's
in Maple Grove.

Agenda yet to be finalized.  Any volunteers to show some stuff?
- Discussion and set schedule and topics for 1st half of 2007.
- David F. do you want to show your python MapScript stuff?
- I could show the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District app., if
people are interested.
Then possible convene to Granite City Brewery for drinks and/or supper
for those that are interested or simply order pizza at our office.

Feedback appreciated.


Brian Fischer
Houston Engineering, Inc.
Maple Grove, MN
(763) 493-4522

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