[Tilecache] metaTiling problems wrapping the earth...

Andrew Hughes azza at lisasoft.com
Tue May 8 03:57:51 EDT 2007

Hi Again,

I've noticed that, although tilecache is probably not the cause of the 
problem here I'm encountering some problems with metaTiling....

When requesting BBox = 90,-45,135,0
The corresponding metaTile caclculated is BBox = 45.0,-90.0,*270*.0,90.0 
(metaSize=5,5  metaBuffer=0)

Anyway, the problem is that the WMS is not smart enough to wrapthe 
coverage around to "270" degrees X.... Should TileCache not be composing 
such BBox's?

I'm know the answer is not particularly straight foward, and it gets 
down to the fact that the metaSize then needs to divide into coverage... 
some testing on the metaTile eta... but anyway it's more about if this 
belongs in the project... or if the WMS should be expected to solve this 


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