[Tilecache] Permissions and TileSize

Matthew Rushton mrushton7 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 26 11:17:22 EST 2008

I finally figured out the issue, it ended up being a boundary file that had the wrong permissions, so all is good and appears to be working. One issue that remains is my tile size. I'm using 64x64 and this makes zoom level zero not be the entire world. The only other issue I was curious about was performance with osm data. I'm worried about the xml file being parsed too frequently. Does  anyone have experience with this? Is my concern valid?

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From: Matthew Rushton <mrushton7 at yahoo.com>
To: tilecache at openlayers.org
Date: Thursday, December 25, 2008, 10:09 PM

I'm trying to set up TileCache and running into a few problems with likely simple solutions. I'm using Mapnik to render the tiles to a disk cache. I previously was using another tile server, so I know mapnik is working great. This is the error I'm getting below. I know it's a problem with loading the osm.xml file I just don't know why. I've changed persmissions so it shouldn't be an issue. What sort of problem could this be? What do people generally keep the permissions of this file and others, including tiles, at. Thanks in advance.

An error occurred

: failed opening file: Bad file descriptor
  File "/var/www/tilecache-2.04/TileCache/Service.py", line 224, in modPythonHandler
    host )
  File "/var/www/tilecache-2.04/TileCache/Service.py", line 208, in dispatchRequest
    return self.renderTile(tile,
  File "/var/www/tilecache-2.04/TileCache/Service.py", line 138, in renderTile
    data = layer.render(tile)
  File "/var/www/tilecache-2.04/TileCache/Layer.py", line 437, in render
    return self.renderTile(tile)
  File "/var/www/tilecache-2.04/TileCache/Layers/Mapnik.py", line 40, in renderTile


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