[Tilecache] Can't directly access the cache from Potlatch

Ian Dees ian.dees at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 15:57:24 EDT 2010

On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 12:16 PM, Eric Wolf <ebwolf at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yep. It's GoogleDisk, so the directory structure follows /layer/z/x/y.png.
> I took a look at GoogleDisk.py and it looks like it is indeed "unflipping"
for tms_type=google, so that theory is thrown out.

However, I think the logging still uses "real" TMS values when writing out,
so take a look at what images are actually being requested from the server
(in the browser).

I'm envisioning something like this:

Browser > TileCache Request Log > GoogleDisk
y=25347   y=40188                 y=25347

I'm running dry on ideas :)

... Hmm, this might make sense because at zoom z there are 2^z tiles in each
column or row. 2^16=65536 and 25347+40188=65536. My bet is that if you
expose these images directly to a Google Maps API or similarly-set-up
OpenLayers system you would end up with a valid map.
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