[TOSprint] Week or weekend sprint?

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Wed Dec 1 09:32:49 EST 2010

Jeff McKenna wrote:
> interesting, UQAM has affordable 3-bedroom apartments:
> http://www.residences-uqam.qc.ca/hotel/en/
> But tough to research accommodation without dates.

If we go with UQAM, then the date choices will be in the week of Feb 26
to March 6th, so for a weekend sprint that would give two possible options:

- Sat. Feb. 26 to Tues. March 1st
- Thurs. March 3rd to Sun. March 6th

Thanks for the pointer to the apartments, I'll have a look at that.

If we were to go with a week sprint at CMM, then most dates are still
available in Feb/March, and I have found a hotel that gives us a
99$/night rate (ranked #55/175 on tripadvisor)... there is also a
cheaper Best Western in the same area with a lower rating but I didn't
talk to them yet.

Daniel Morissette

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