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Hi Jo,

I'm happy to lend a hand with moving content from the wiki to the new site
if you want some help. I checked out your link and had a quick look at the
Government's action plan regarding OS. Looks impressive, but I have always
believed that actions speak louder than words.



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   1. Open Source,	Open Standards and Re-Use: UK Government Action
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Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 10:20:15 +0000 (GMT)
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Subject: [OSGeo-UK] Open Source,	Open Standards and Re-Use: UK
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Dear All,

As you might be aware, the UK Government have announced their action plan
for Open Source, Open Standards and Re-use. 



In some ways this is a repetition of a plan they announced back in 2004, and
I'm not totally sure how much progress there has been in the 5 years since
then. However, I would like to hope that the UK local chapter for OSGeo
could play a part in helping to ensure that GIS software gets a look-in in
all of this. 

At the moment you might feel that we don't have much to offer- but I would
like to hope we can change that. The first thing is that we have been given
permission to have our own web pages under the main OSGeo website- I have
the instructions for doing this and hope to start moving content from the
wiki to this new site very shortly. Once I figure out how to do this, I'd
like other people to help with the process. Having a dedicated web presence
under the main OSGeo banner will, I think, raise our profile, and make us
look more professional (much as I love wikis). Leading on from that I would
like to start producing printed materials for the chapter.

Secondly, I would like to formally respond to the action plan by contacting
Tom Watson- the Minister for Digital Engagement and registering our
interest. Having read the so-called action plan, I do feel that it's more of
a wish-list than anything else, and I would like to see firm proposals on
how they plan to open up the current procurement process to new companies
offering open source, as opposed to the established large technology firms,
and I would like him to respond to that question at least.

Thirdly, those people on the cc list for this email- I'm not sure all of you
have subscribed to the mailing list, and I'd like to urge you to do that.
Your name is on the cc list because you have previously expressed interest
(or someone has expressed interest on your behalf) in the local chapter- but
this is the last time I will email people who are not actually on the
mailing list as I don't want to spam people that are not interested! I'm
also slightly reluctant to sign people up en mass, so, please sign up if you
are interested at: http://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/uk

So- consider this a call to action to push forward with the local chapter!

All the very best


Joanne Cook
Senior IT Support and Development
Oxford Archaeology (North)
01524 880212

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