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Tue Apr 4 01:52:03 EDT 2006

Paul Scott wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-04-03 at 22:07 -0700, Chris Holmes wrote:
>>OSGeo can also provide many of these resources, which could be valuable
>>from a 'branding' point of view, that it'd be a part of the global OSGeo
>>project.  We'd just require a bit of a more formal process to make sure
>>that it's a vital community that would make use of the resources, since
>>we do not want a bunch of dead projects.
> I am not saying that OSGeo cannot provide these things, all that I am
> saying is that an African "node", using African free software, by
> Africans, for Africans, catering specifically for the bandwidth
> conditions in Africa, may be more useful... :)
Cool.  Yeah, the one thing that might be nice is to have it eventually 
have a same look and feel to OSGeo, we're doing such things in our 
software projects, letting them run their own infrastructure, yet aim 
towards a common look and layout, so it seems like one coherent place.

That said, if the community wants to go it's own direction, that's great 
too.  OSGeo will support as much or as little as you all would like.

best regards,


> I have started setting up a site anyway, the url is:
> The site is not yet complete, and there is no content, but you can get
> the general idea...
> --Paul
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