jugsa monday 10th

Jody Garnett jgarnett at refractions.net
Wed Apr 5 05:53:40 EDT 2006

pieter van zyl wrote:
> Well,
> We need to tell people what the talk is going to be about so
> more information might be helpful :)
> So far it seems it will be about GIS and Java. Is there a specific Java
> product that you will talk about or demonstrate?
Fair enough:
- Intro to GIS, why it is fun!
- Overview of Java Open Source GIS
- Demo of GeoServer and MapBuilder (web based GIS)
- Intro to Eclipse RCP - why it is a platform rather then a framework
- Demo of uDig
- Future RnD - playing with large data - GTXML

If there is interest I can answer questions based on the following not 
Java subjects.
- Standards OGC and ISO
- Open Source Geospatial Foundation
- How an Open Source community functions, and what is needed to support one

If people are not going home and the beer has run out:
- mad metadta plan: applying the extensible interface pattern to handle 
interoperability in a strongly typed language (Java)
- feature mode: what it means for you and how we will handle GML3.1.1

Can someone forward this to the juga list? I subscribed but have not 
been added yet...

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