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Jody Garnett jgarnett at
Wed Apr 5 07:08:46 EDT 2006

Gavin Fleming wrote:
> Hi Oliver and other members
> Welcome to the list. To keep your posts interesting to as wide an 
> audience as possible, please include some information or question of 
> relevance to OS GIS or data sharing in Africa, or related topics.
Is this limited to data sharing? I was hoping to scare up use developer 
chatter as well...
> If you want to introduce yourself, go ahead, but please let us know a 
> bit more background about you – what you do, what company / country 
> you work in, what your interest or experience in OS GIS is, what 
> skills you can share, etc.
I am Jody Garnett, known to hack on a few open source projects (uDig, 
GeoServer, GeoTools). You will find my name associated with Refractions 
Research (from Canada) and am here "On Assignment" in Africa - and may 
return next month.

I have been working in GIS for 10 years, and am really fond of it as a 
venue for playing with "big data". I am a "technical architect" - 
meaning I can take responsibility for making the right technology 
decisions. I actually like mentoring and setting up new developers with 
a sense confidence and direction (something that is quite hard given our 
domain and the steep learning curve).

I also where a couple of organization "hats", OSGEO member representing 
GeoTools, and also the OGC.


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