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Gregor Calderwood gregor at msageoservices.co.za
Wed Apr 5 08:59:23 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

My name is Gregor Calderwood and I work for MSA Geoservices in 
Johannesburg. MSA is a mineral exploration company and we conduct 
exploration projects for our clients throughout Africa (lots of diamond 
and gold exploration). We are a pretty new GIS department. Our main GIS 
software used is MicroImages TNTmips, and we have one ArcView Licence, 
which we do not use very much. We are currently using MS Access for our 
databases, which are used to manage all the exploration data, from 
sample positions to lab analysis results etc. As these databases are 
growing we are looking to move over to a PostgreSQL database with 
PostGIS - but have not got there yet.  On the GIS side we have installed 
QGIS on most of the geologists computers so that they have some form of 
GIS tool in the field. And at the moment we are pretty happy with it.

Thats all for now - but I do see me asking for help with PostGIS in the 
future :-)

I am not a programmer of any kind, more just your user :-)

Kind Regards

Gregor Calderwood
GIS Specialist

Cell:    +27 (0)83 565 5866
Tel:     +27 (0)11 880 4209
Fax:     +27 (0)11 880 2184

Email: gregor at msageoservices.co.za

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