FW: gvSIG 1.0-stable

Craig von Hagen craigvonhagen at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Dec 13 01:36:28 EST 2006

gvSIG, the Open Source (GNU/GPL license) Geographic Information System
developed by the Generalitat Valenciana reaches its version 1.0. With
this release, gvSIG presents itself as an integrated GIS + SDI (Spatial
Data Infrastructure) client, able to combine data from different local
and remote sources (web services) and at the same time include advanced
editing, geoprocessing, scripting language support and georeferencing
among other features. All the details about this release, as well as
the source code and the binary files, can be found in the project web
site www.gvsig.gva.es.

The project is currently funded by the European Union (FEDER funds),
which guarantees its continued evolution. Among other pending tasks, a
road map of future gvSIG development will be published soon.

gvSIG counts with a large user and developer community registered in
the mailing lists, true engines of the project. Through these lists,
technical and other support is provided, and they serve as the glue
that keeps together the community by practicing the open source
philosophy of sharing our knowledge.

We encourage you to suscribe to these lists and to communicate through
them all your questions, criticism and suggestions, which make possible
that the project stays healthy and growing.

Alvaro Anguix
gvSIG Team

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