September'06 spatial data infrastructure newsletter now online

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Fri Sep 1 04:52:31 EDT 2006

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  The September 2006 SDI regional newsletter for Africa has been posted on
the GSDI home page,
You may also download the newsletter directly:
  Spatial Data Infrastructure - Africa (SDI-Africa) is a free
electronic newsletter for people interested in GIS, remote sensing,
and data management issues in Africa. It aims to raise awareness and
provide useful information to strengthen national SDI initiatives and
support synchronization of regional activities.  Each month, the
newsletter highlights recent activities, provides information about
available data and tools, and includes notices about upcoming
training, employment opportunities, and events.
  Past and current SDI regional newsletters also are  accessible in the
archives at
  Please forward the newsletter to others that may be interested.
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News List, please go to

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