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Mick Wilson Mick.Wilson at unep.org
Tue Jul 10 10:01:34 EDT 2007

Dear colleagues

I have started a wiki at http://dewa03.unep.org/sdi-ea (that's in Nairobi,
but mirrored on http://www.ungiwg.org/sdi-ea in New York) wherein the goods
tested and developed during the current SDI-east Africa axercise will be

This is very much a work in progress and only sparsely populated so far. I
hope that what it lacks in polish it will make up for with practical
utility. It will have all the training materials and installation kits that
we use during SDI-EA capcity building, plus (I hope) later on the documents
underpinning the evolving institutional framework needed to keep SDI-EA
hanging together (let alone interfacing with international efforts like
GEOSS and the UNSDI).

If nothing else you might ens up with a handy reference repository. You
might also see this site become useful as a forum for exchanging
experiences and bug fixes in implementing this stuff, but that'll depend on
how much common experience we have.

We are going to need developing and maintaining this site. I hope to
encourage enough of you to register to the site so that we split the tasks.
Some immediate needs I know of are:
- developing installation guides for the "toolkit" - maybe some of our
alumni can at least proofread stuff and help us refine the readability
- training notes (pedagogical version of the above)
- descriptions of architecture, from isntitutional, data and technical
posints of view.
I'm sure there'll be lots more.

Feedback and advice are surely welcome. Meanwhile, I figure that the
nairobi site will become meaningfully useful when the Un finally gets
connected to the local internet exchange point in Nairobi (KIX) and can
server local users without going to Italy and back on skinny satellite


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