[OSGeo Africa] Looking at rendering speed

Jody Garnett jgarnett at refractions.net
Thu Nov 22 15:30:20 EST 2007

Dewald Troskie wrote:
> 3.     From what I gather reading the rest of the mail more indepth, 
> the best options for adding tracklog data (connecting mobile devices 
> with a GPS) would be through the GPSBabel library and importing the 
> tracklog into the database. Alternatively you could also interface the 
> mobile devices from uDIG via GPSBabel and utilise the data, tracklog 
> and any attribute information you may entered related to the spatial 
> entities (land parcels, POI....).
Hi Dewald; I downloaded Accuglobe and tried it on my usual test data; 
out of the box I got a long delay as it built an index for the first 
time and after that it was pretty nice and snappy. Although in the case 
of road data the index was as bug as the original shapefile, uDig uses 
the same index as mapserver - and it looks like nobody but ESRI uses the 
default shapefile index.

One thing I learned while testing was that out out of the box uDig demo 
data is in EPSG:3005 but when we start up uDig is showing EPSG:4326; 
while it is nice to see dynamic reprojection (and part of the point of 
uDig) it does slow things down for the all important first impression. 
When I made these two settings match drawing time was cut in half.

Still at the end of the day AccuGlobe was taking around 4 seconds to 
draw; and uDig was taking 6 (but it looked like uDig was doing nothing 
for 4 of those seconds which is something we will look into).

If you download the latest uDig from our site you will find we have 
started organizing the menus for the final release; let us know what you 


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