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Spatial Data Infrastructure - Africa (SDI-Africa) is a free, electronic newsletter for people interested in GIS, remote sensing, and data management issues in Africa. 
The February 2008 issue includes (among many other items):
- A National Water Information System for Burkina Faso: SNIEAU (Système Nationale d´Information sur l’eau)
- Establishment of a Digital Base Map covering Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nigeria
- Mapping land use and land cover of West Africa
- Mapping for better accountability in service delivery
- Status map of 2010 round of Population and Housing Censuses in Africa
- Climate studies centre for Africa announced
- ICA Working Group on Mapping Africa for Africa – call for members 
- Nairobi Convention Clearinghouse and Information System (including map viewer)
- GEOSS Core Architecture Implementation Report
- Weather data for climate stations and observatories in Namibia and South Africa
- Total Nigeria’s ArcIMS site
- A new toolkit for Community Level Program Information Reporting (CLIPR) 
- Water Supply Planning with a Smart SIG Toolbox (Burkina Faso)
- New EUMETSAT interface to view imagery and derived products
- GMRCA: Release of Global Map and Statistics on Rainfed croplands 
- Downscaled regional climate change data dissemination system
- Generating plausible crop distribution and performance maps for Sub-Saharan Africa using a spatially disaggregated data fusion and optimization approach
- Citizen-generated mapping of acts of violence in Kenya
- Mapping Africa’s advanced public health education capacity: the AfriHealth project
- Nature, distribution, and evolution of poverty and inequality in Uganda 
- Estimation of water loss from Toshka Lakes (Egypt) using remote sensing and GIS
- JKUAT and ITC launching joint masters program in Geoinformatics, Nairobi, Kenya
- Tracks4Africa GPS Training, 23-24 February 2008, Nairobi, Kenya
- Global Positioning System Training Course, 21 April - 2 May 2008, RCMRD, Nairobi, Kenya
- 2008 Global Development Marketplace Competition. Deadline: March 21, 2008.
Abdul Latif Jameel Grants for Scientific Research & Innovation in Technology in the Arab World. Deadline: February 28, 2008.  
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Research Fellowship Program. Deadline: March 15, 2008.
African Forest Research Network Junior and Senior Fellowship Programs. Deadline: March 31, 2008.
- The perception of and adaptation to climate change in Africa
- Changes in “customary” land tenure systems in Africa 
- 10th International Conference on Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI-10), 25-29 February 2008, St. Augustine, Trinidad 
SDI-Africa has been published monthly since May 2002 and has wide circulation across Africa. Each issue highlights recent activities, provides details about available data and tools, and includes notices about upcoming training, employment and funding opportunities, and events. The aim is to strengthen national SDI initiatives and support synchronization of regional geospatial activities. Past and current SDI-Africa newsletters are accessible at the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association website at http://www.gsdi.org/newsletters.asp <http://www.gsdi.org/newsletters.asp>  . 
Regional newsletters for Latin America/Caribbean and Asia/Pacific regions also are available. 
Please pass on this information to others who may be interested, and if you would like, sign up for the GSDI Association News List at http://www.gsdi.org/newslist/gsdisubscribe.asp <http://www.gsdi.org/newslist/gsdisubscribe.asp>  
There is also an SDI-Africa Email Discussion List, http://lists.gsdi.org/mailman/listinfo/sdi-africa <http://lists.gsdi.org/mailman/listinfo/sdi-africa>  , with intermittent news and announcements of opportunities (this email discussion list is separate from the SDI-Africa Newsletter list). The archives are accessible at: http://lists.gsdi.org/pipermail/sdi-africa/ <http://lists.gsdi.org/pipermail/sdi-africa/>  , and you can sign up to send and receive messages.

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