[OSGeo Africa] GDEST Africa: exhibitor space available, Cape Town, 17-19 March 2008

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GDEST Africa: exhibitor space available, Cape Town, 17-19 March 2008
GDEST 2008: GEOSPATIAL SCIENCES FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA is a conference that will be attended by approximately 100 scientists from the US and Africa who engage in geospatial science and technology analysis and applications. The overall objective of the conference is to engender increased collaboration between and among US and Africa scientists in a number of applied areas using geospatial science, information and technology. The conference will be held from 17 to 19 March in Cape Town, South Africa at the Protea Sea Point Hotel. Although the final agenda is not yet complete, it will have 30-40 presentations, panel discussions and workshops over the three-day period of the conference. Although the conference is little more than a month away, the conference organizers (U.S. Department of State, Office of the Geographer and Office of the Science Adviser) are seeking the participation of companies and organizations who may wish to have an
 exhibit at the conference. The conference hosts are providing at no cost exhibit space and, depending on interest, possible participation at the conference by one representative per organization.  Exhibitors will need to arrange travel, lodging, and booths at their own expense.  Rooms at the conference venue, the Protea Sea Point Hotel, are extremely limited, but other hotels may be found close by.  To apply for space as an exhibitor at this conference, contact BY FEBRUARY 27 Paul Bartel from the State Department's Humanitarian Information Unit at bartelpp at state.gov .

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