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Spatial Data Infrastructure — Africa (SDI-Africa), published by the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) Association, is a free, electronic newsletter for people interested in GIS, remote sensing, and data management issues in Africa.
The July SDI-Africa 2008issue includes (among many other items):
Chad’s National Scientific Research Center (CNAR) launches its website 
Central African Biodiversity Information Network (CABIN)
New Zealand helps with 3D mapping of Ethiopia/Eritrea border to resolve dispute 
Contract awarded for Lesotho Integrated Transport Project
Strengthening Malawi government capacity in flood forecasting and management
South African Council for Geoscience provides expertise for mapping project in Madagascar
South Africa nationwide Spatial Data Infrastructure Act Regulation workshops
River Awareness Kit for Orange-Senqu basin in Southern Africa
GIS Scoping Report of the Regional Coastal Zone Management Programme for Indian Ocean Countries
A collection of information on address standards
Planet Action call for projects. Deadline July 15, 2008.
Interactive Forest Atlas of Congo (version 1.0) 
South African National Biodiversity Institute Biodiversity GIS website
Launch of United Nations Spatial Data Infrastructure for Transport version 2.0
Tanzanian-owned company provides vehicle tracking and monitoring service
Rwanda using GIS to assess national electricity transmission and distribution network
Google Maps API showing the flashpoints of violence in South Africa
AAAS geospatial analysis confirms destruction of towns, houses in eastern Ethiopia
World Food Program (WFP) Comprehensive Food Security Vulnerability Assessment
Water and the Rural Poor: Interventions for improving livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa
11th Global Spatial Data Infrastructure World Conference (GSDI 11) – Call for papers, 15-19 June 2009, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
3rd Symposium and Exhibition of the Ocean Data and Information Network for Africa, 17 July 2008, Mombasa, Kenya
Free and Open Source Geospatial (FOSS4G) Workshops and Labs, September 29 - October 3, 2008, Cape Town, South Africa
GSDI Small Grants Program 2008. Deadline: August 30, 2008.  
Erasmus Mundus masters scholarships. Deadline: July 13, 2008.
CGIAR Fellowships for African Women - 1st round. Deadline: July 18, 2008.
Young Professionals in Science Competition. Deadline: August 15, 2008.
Research proposal guide: developing and submitting a research proposal
Guide to decision making and decision models for forest biodiversity
Ecosystem services: a guide for decision makers
Indicators of Progress: Guidance on Measuring the Reduction of Disaster Risks 
SDI-Africa has been published monthly since May 2002 and has wide circulation across Africa. Each issue highlights recent activities, provides details about available data and tools, and includes notices about upcoming training, employment and funding opportunities, and events. The aim is to strengthen national SDI initiatives and support synchronization of regional geospatial activities. Past and current SDI-Africa newsletters are accessible at the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association website at http://www.gsdi.org/newsletters.asp . Regional newsletters for Latin America/Caribbean and Asia/Pacific regions also are available. 
To subscribe for the GDSI news list, go to: http://www.gsdi.org/newslist/gsdisubscribe.asp 
To receive announcements throughout the month of opportunities and other activities, subscribe to SDI-Africa email list at http://lists.gsdi.org/mailman/listinfo/sdi-africa . The email list archives are accessible at: http://lists.gsdi.org/pipermail/sdi-africa/ 

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