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GeoWeb 2008 Student Contest 
To advance the development of the GeoWeb, a contest is underway which is
open to all full time students attending an educational institution
anywhere in the world. The objective of the contest is to materially
advance the development of the GeoWeb with either a theoretical solution
or a piece of software (all software must be open source and free of any
royalties or other encumbrances). 

To help students prepare their submissions for the GeoWeb 2008 student
contest, here are a few ideas. These are simply suggestions and using
these ideas or not, will have no influence on the decision of the
Develop software or solve a theoretical problem to:
Generate 3D models for Google Earth, Virtual Earth etc. from CAD
drawings automatically. 
To enhance position measurement inside a building. 
Integrate Google or Virtual Earth with Second Life. 
Generalize from large scale to small scale in 2D and 3D. 
Generate GML (observations) from KML and KML (by styling) from GML. 
Validate geography and topology automatically using a rule based
To visualize the content of an ebRIM (OASIS) registry. 
Develop visualization mechanisms for travelogues. 
Use wavlets to integrate geometry, coverages and observations. 

Students may submit a registration of an abstract of their proposal at
any time (see link above). Note that both registration and final
submissions are due and must be submitted no later than May 15, 2008.


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