[OSGeo Africa] Announcing the release of QGIS 1.7.3

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Thu Dec 15 07:48:21 EST 2011

Dear QGIS Developers, Users and Supporters!
We are pleased to announce that QGIS 1.7.3 is now available. This is a
bugfix release over version 1.7.2. A detailed changelog is available
on our home page[1].
Binary downloads[2] are already available but some are still making
their way to the download page so if you don't see your preferred OS
there please check again in a day or two.
Thanks to bug reporters who have reported bugs using upgraded issue
tracker[3] and special thanks to all developers who fixed those
reported bugs.
As always, if you find a bug please report it on [3].
QGIS is the collaborative effort of many coders, translators,
documentors, bug reporters and other community members.
QGIS continues to have great momentum - we recently branched the code
base for an upcoming release of QGIS 1.8.0 and we are about to break
API compatibility in our 'master' branch to start us down the road
towards the eventual release of QGIS 2.0. If you enjoy using QGIS and
are able to, please consider sponsoring our project - the money you
donate helps us to run our developer meetings and generally keep the
project moving forward. You can find more details on how to sponsor
QGIS on our home page[4]. QGIS recently obtained it's second Silver
Sponsor for 2011! Thank you Kanton Solothurn, Switzerland (Silver
Sponsor from April 2011)[5] and the State of Vorarlberg, Austria
(Silver Sponsor from November 2011)[6], your financial help is greatly
[1] http://tinyurl.com/release173[2] http://download.qgis.org[3]
http://hub.qgis.org[4] http://qgis.org/en/sponsorship.html[5]
http://www.agi.so.ch/[6] http://www.vorarlberg.at/
on behalf of the QGIS Team Werner Macho QGIS Release Maintainer

Tim Sutton - QGIS Project Steering Committee Member (Release  Manager)
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