[OSGeo Africa] 2 FOSS Linux / developer / GIS jobs in Joburg

Neil Falconer neil.falconer at telkomsa.net
Fri Jan 21 13:39:45 EST 2011

Hi Steve,
Just adding to the feedback from Glen Mullet. For a good intro into 
Python and Java there are great intro videos on Youtube by a guy called 
Bucky Roberts. Alternatively you can go to his web page 
www.thenewboston.com (I'm not responsible for his sense of humour though ;-)
All the best.
Neil Falconer
On 2011/01/21 05:08 PM, Steve wrote:
> Hi Gavin and Bridget
> First thanks for these links I will first need to become familiar with 
> the GIS programmes, budget permitting.
> I trust that you guys had a good Christmas and a wonderful new year, I 
> pray that 2011 is a really blessed one for you.
> The geography department at Stellenbosch runs an ARC GIS course one 
> can find it on the web it looks quite comprehensive and one is issued 
> with a Plato certification after that, which is useful when applying 
> for positions requiring it.. However speaking to Andrew Turner from 
> cape nature he suggested that knowing QGIS is also helpful because 
> they use both. Between now and October I will be fairly flat out with 
> finishing this course. Then I am keen to do the GIS courses that are a 
> requirement of many positions. The jobs on the links are still out of 
> my league, but I’m sure with time I’ll get there.
> What is the basis of most of these type of GIS /linux type programes, 
> C++, Java, what would be helpful in understanding these program‘s better.
> In the mean time I’ll need to complete my proposal shortly.
> Thanks for keeping me posted, look forward to seeing you guys at some 
> stage.
> Regards
> Steve
> On 2011/01/21 2:18 PM, "Gavin" <gavinjfleming at gmail.com> wrote:
>     http://www.pnet.co.za/index.php?s=advert_view&g=1083&x=1632924&i=3767&pop=1
>     <http://www.pnet.co.za/index.php?s=advert_view&g=1083&x=1632924&i=3767&pop=1>
>     http://www.pnet.co.za/index.php?s=advert_view&g=1285&x=3426&i=608&pop=1
>     <http://www.pnet.co.za/index.php?s=advert_view&g=1285&x=3426&i=608&pop=1>
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