[OSGeo Africa] Request for information about SDI education and training material

Serena Coetzee serenacoetzee at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 19:24:05 EDT 2012

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Request for information about SDI education and training material

Dear colleague,

we are conducting a survey of existing SDI training and education
material as part of the project, 'Developing a framework for South
African SDI education and training', funded by the GSDI Small Grants
Program. We are looking for material that can be used for SDI
education and training, as well as material to inform the development
of the framework. We would appreciate if you could send information
about relevant material to Victoria Rautenbach at
victoria.rautenbach at gmail.com, using the attributes below to describe
the material. The results of the survey will be published on the
project page at

Title: <title of the material>
Author(s)/Publisher: <author names and/or publisher>
URL: <URL for the material or information about the material>
Access: <open? free? cost? copyright? >
Description: <description of the material (textbook, notes, course,
Contact: <name and email address that can be contacted for more
information about the material>

Your input will be highly appreciated, if possible, by 4 May 2012.

For more information about the project see
or contact Victoria Rautenbach at victoria.rautenbach at gmail.com or
myself at serena.coetzee at up.ac.za.

Serena Coetzee

Geography Building 3-7
Centre for Geoinformation Science, Department Geography,
Geoinformatics and Meteorology, University of Pretoria, Private Bag
X20, Hatfield, 0028, South Africa
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