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SAM YIRENKYI SAM.YIRENKYI at kzncogta.gov.za
Wed Dec 19 23:54:11 PST 2012

Hi Team.
We would like to implement a GIS web based information dashboard to cater for both spatial and non-spatial business information for our management. Is there any open source platform or tools available to accomplish this task? Please advise

Samuel Yirenkyi | Pr. GISc (SA) PGP 0167
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KZN Dept. of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs
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>>> "Wes Roberts" <wes at biocarbonpartners.com> 2012/12/20 08:56 AM >>>

Hi Nhlanhla,
You have two options that I know of. The first is openstreetmap (http://www.openstreetmap.org/) for the streets and the second is the Global Administrative Areas website (http://www.gadm.org/). Placenames and schools etc you may have to get from a local municipal authority.

Wesley Roberts PhD
GIS and Remote Sensing Professional
BioCarbon Partners
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