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Kate Snaddon katesnaddon at telkomsa.net
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I also get the same error message each time regarding plugins.  I go to
Plugin Installer, as instructed in the error message, but then I'm not sure
what to do.  I am running QGIS 1.7.4, on Windows 7.  I'm not even sure that
the error is affecting my use of QGIS as, so far, I can still open




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Hi Latchman,

I agree with Tim, you should provide more information, like in which
operating system you are running qgis . Also it will would be good a idea to
post to the qgis users list. Anyway if you where running qgis under Linux,
you would probably use a package manager like synaptics to install python
bindings to R.


On May 4, 2012 7:26 AM, "Latchman Anand" <ablatchman at yahoo.com> wrote:

Good morning


When I start quantum and errors came up { unable to load plugin .required
package ryp2 and the corresponding weson of ryp2)



thank you 

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