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Dear all,

You probably heard about yesterday's blasts in Brazzaville, killing at
least 180 people and injuring over 1300. 

I work with MapAction, the international disaster mapping organisation
(www.mapaction.org), and we will probably send a team to Brazzaville
later today to assist in the relief efforts, in particular to create
maps for Search and Rescue and recovery activities.

However, as with all things GIS, we depend on data.

If you have detailed (city level or regional) map data on Brazzaville
and/or Kinshasa and are able to share this for the relief efforts please
send the data, along with a short description to
brazzaville at mapaction.org

In particular we are looking for data on:
- city basemaps (road maps)
- Government/ official buildings
- Schools, hospitals, etc
- Utilities 
- Local and inner-urban administrative divisions
- Inner urban population

Data can be in GIS data formats, scanned maps, spreadsheets, anything
really on the listed topics.

We already have data from OSM, Goggle and Bing Maps, so no further need
for these.

Thank you

Karl Hennermann
on behalf of MapAction

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