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Hi there, received this on a PPGIS mailing list and thought it may be of
interest to some. You could probably contact  Suchith Anand if you wanted
further details.

Best regards,

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Date: Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 9:50 PM
Subject: [ppgis] Open Geospatial Lab - South Africa
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On behalf of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation and the International
Cartographic Association, i am pleased to announce about the Open Source
Geospatial Lab initiative in Africa. After the successful establishment of
Open Geospatial Labs in Europe and Asia , we are happy to have the first
such initiative in Africa being established at Centre for Geoinformation
Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa under the leadership and
vision of Dr Serena Coetzee.  Serena has strong research background in
Geospatial Science, SDI and GI standards. Her research details at

Not only is the Centre for Geoinformation Science at the University of
Pretoria http://www.up.ac.za/cgis  already doing excellent undergraduate
and postgraduate teaching using various open geospatial software but also
many of thier postgraduate students are  either using FOSS4G in their
research or contributing to FOSS4G.

These students will become the future leaders of Geospatial Science from
Africa and contribute for the development of our discipline and the wider
community. Open Geospatial Technologies are the key enablers for helping to
provide the benefits of geospatial science to the wider community globally
(especially in poor countries) and we look forward to all of your
participation for building up our efforts in this.

Best wishes,


Dr Suchith Anand
Nottingham Geospatial Institute
Nottingham Geospatial Building
University of Nottingham
Tel: (0)115 82 32750

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