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On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 6:26 AM, Latchman Anand <ablatchman at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Good morning
> When I start quantum and errors came up { unable to load plugin .required
> package ryp2 and the corresponding weson of ryp2)

Your question is a bit difficult to answer since you provide no background
information. Whenever you post a question you should let the potential
audience at least know things like:

- what operating system (and version) are you using
- what version of QGIS are you using
- what plugin etc were you trying to use
- what exact steps did you follow for the error to occur
- what research have you done / leads have you found and eliminated

Imagine your question from the eyes of someone like myself who might like
to answer but really has no idea how to replicate the problem in order to
answer it.....

Anyway it looks like you are missing python bindings for R on your



> thank you
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