[OSGeo Africa] Is Vulindlela e-cadastre FOSS?

Gavin Fleming gavin at afrispatial.co.za
Sun Sep 9 05:07:11 PDT 2012

On 05/09/2012 06:46, S Coetzer wrote:
> Im an Oracle Spatial Developer for Gijima working on the Vulindlela 
> project 
> <http://eepublishers.co.za/article/mmuso-riba-107-02-vulindlela-project.html>
> We are essentially developing software to automate the administration 
> of the South African Cadastre by integrating Deeds and Chief Surveyor 
> General business processses.
> The spatial module will contain several open source products such as 
> GDAL for importing and exporting spatial layers into various formats 
> and Openlayers & GeoExt to support client-side mapping functions.
> What we are definitely following is OGC standards (for whats its worth).

Thanks for this, Sarel

It's good to know some FOSS tools and open standards are being used in a 
big government project.

The big question however, is this: Is the whole Vulindlela project 
itself FOSS according to the government FOSS policy? In other words, 
could someone at a municipality or surveyor's office get the source code 
and set up their own instance of Vulindlela's e-Cadastre? And use an 
in-house or outsourced developer to modify and contribute to the project?

If it's not FOSS, why not?

And can you shed any light on why Oracle was chosen over PostGIS?




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