[OSGeo Africa] MapServer and open source geospatial software and data workshops at the University of Pretoria

Serena Coetzee serenacoetzee at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 14:03:53 PDT 2012

Join us for two open source geospatial workshops in celebration of the
launch of the ICA/OSGeo Laboratory at UP. Limited seats are available,
therefore booking is essential. You are welcome to stay on for some
socialising with Jeff, Gavin and CGIS after the workshops.

Date:     5 October 2012
Time:     10:00-13:00
RSVP:   Erika Pretorius erika.pretorius at up.ac.za by Monday, 1 October 2012.
Please indicate clearly which workshop you want to attend.

Workshop 1:   MapServer
Presenter:      Jeff McKenna, OSGeo Board Member and MapServer Project
Steering Committee Member http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Jeff_McKenna
Venue:           Geography Building 2-3 (GIS lab), Hatfield campus,
University of Pretoria

This hands-on workshop is intended as an introduction to Web mapping with
the MapServer open source software project (http://www.mapserver.org). The
participants will go through the process of setting up a MapServer
environment which includes configuring a Web server and creating a
MapServer application. The creation of a MapServer application will include
step-by-step examples of building a map file, including defining the WEB
object, the LAYER objects, and assigning symbology to these objects. Once a
map file is created, the participants will then go through the process of
creating a Web-based interface. You can work on one of the PCs in the lab
or bring your own laptop or PC.

Workshop 2:   Open source geospatial software and open data
Facilitators:     Gavin Fleming with assistance from CGIS students and
Venue:            Geography Building 2-9, Hatfield campus, University of

Bring your own laptop or desktop computer and we will assist you and each
other with:
- trying out or installing OSGeo Live [2]
- getting started with FOSS GIS
- setting up a FOSS GIS workstation with UbuntuGIS [3]
- setting up a Windows FOSS workstation with OSGeo4W [4]
- trying out or installing FOSS alternatives to any GIS software you can
think of
- how to ask questions and report bugs
- finding out how to migrate to FOSS or work in a mixed environment
- editing or capturing OpenStreetMap data
- trying out or installing Ubuntu Linux [1]

Popular open source geospatial software we will have available to install
on Windows, Mac and Linux and even Android includes: Quantum GIS, PostGIS,
GeoServer, MapServer and OpenLayers. This is an unstructured event and will
not be 'presented' or 'taught'. Expect to try things out yourself in a
friendly environment. How it turns out will depend on who comes and what
everyone is keen on doing!

[1] http://ubuntu.com
[2] http://live.osgeo.org
[3] http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGIS
[4] https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo4w
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