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Wed Apr 24 04:24:37 PDT 2013

*Dept-of-Rural-Development-land-reform *
*Call for nominations for persons to serve on:*
*The Committee for Spatial Infrastructure*
In terms of Section 5(3) of the *Spatial Data Infrastructure Act*, the 
*Minister for Rural Development and Land Reform*, invites interested 
persons to nominate suitable candidates to serve as members of the 
*Committee for Spatial Information*.

The Committee consists of the following members appointed by the Minister:

  * Two persons in the full-time employ of the Department of Rural
    Development and Land Reform
  * One person in the full-time employment of each of Statistics South
    Africa, the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional,
    and other national departments of state identified by the Minister
  * One person from each provincial government in the full-time employ
    of such government
  * Two persons in the full-time employ of local municipalities, one of
    whom shall be from a municipality which is mainly rural in character
    and the other from a municipality which is mainly urban in character
  * One person to represent the Council of Government Information
    Technology Officers
  * One person to represent a professional association of persons
    involved in Geographic Information Science
  * One person involved in the teaching or research of Geographic
    Information Science
  * At least one person to represent the interests of public entities
  * One person from each data custodian as identified by the Minister

Appointments will be for a period of three years from 2013 - 2015. 
Members will be required to strategically direct the development and 
implementation of the *South African Spatial Data *
*Infrastructure (SASDI)* and to address matters related to spatial 
information to ensure that the maximum benefit is derived from 
investments in spatial information.

Nomination letters, accompanied by acceptance letters and CVs of the 
persons nominated, should be received no later than 16h00 on 15 May 
2013, by:
The Director General
Department of Rural Development and Land Reform
Private Bag X833, Pretoria, 0001
For for attention of Ms. Martha Chauke,
Tel 012 312-9643, Email: mmmchauke at ruraldevelopment.gov.za 
<mailto:mmmchauke at ruraldevelopment.gov.za>

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