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Job position in the UK - Linux, PostGIS, OpenLayers etc.

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We're looking for a developer for the ExCiteS group to redevelop our community
platform. We've advertised the text below for a month from March to April,
offering a salary of £42K (which we can't get above). We've got only 4
applications which weren't very good so my conclusion is that we either
advertised it in the wrong place, or the description below is wrong in some

Duties and Responsibilities
We are looking for an experienced and talented Senior Programmer with
knowledge of systems architecture and management to fill a 2-year vacancy to
help our various research projects achieve the aims they set out to accomplish
with bespoke and innovative technologies.
The main duties and responsibilities of the ExCiteS Senior Developer will
include, but not be limited to the redevelopment of the Community Maps
platform (www.communitymaps.org.uk<http://www.communitymaps.org.uk>) using
open source and current technologies, administration of IT systems and server
management, and providing assistance to the group in making decisions about
technologies that will be used on various projects.  The appointee will also
be required to manage Linux servers, and advise on and be involved in
development projects that aim to include people in the scientific process from
the Inuit in Canada to the Pygmies of the Congo. The job includes guidance
with the development team which includes MSc and PhD students and postdoctoral
The post is available for immediate start and is for 2 years in the 1st
Key Requirements
The candidate will have extensive experience working as a developer, ideally
within standards-based projects and using Open Source technologies with
project management. They will have to have extensive knowledge of up-to-date,
open source, spatial and non-spatially enabled technologies, such as Linux,
PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and OpenLayers/Leaflet and quickly pick up and adapt to new
development environments, particularly as we wish to move into further HTML5
and mobile development, and basing some of our technologies on open APIs. They
ideal candidate should be able to use object-oriented methodologies and tools
to analyse, design and implement software tools, as well as experience in
designing and implementing API architectures to further extend the current
software systems.  It is imperative that they are able to communicate
technically complex information in an understandable way. They will also need
to have a solid foundation in structures and standards, properly utilising
code management systems (such as GitHub), designing robust code in an easily
extensible way, and ensuring that the viability of solutions extend far beyond
the lifetime of the research projects themselves.
Further Details
A job description and person specification can be accessed at the bottom of
this page. To apply for the vacancy please click on the 'Apply Now' button
If you have any queries regarding the vacancy or the application process,
please contact Prof. Muki Haklay,
m.haklay at ucl.ac.uk<mailto:m.haklay at ucl.ac.uk>, +44 (0)20 7679 2745.

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