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I have not really had time to go through it - but in a quick browse now 
I picked up on the pledge as the last part of the Exhibit.

"/I pledge that I will never again be party to legislation which leads 
to misery for my fellow countrymen and women. I pledge to be//
//fair – to share success, to help alleviate the sufferings of the 
less-privileged, to do what I can to uplift the downtrodden; in the sure//
//knowledge that in doing so, I lift myself, my country and my hopes for 
the future./"

Immediately contradictions come to mind - silencing of journalists 
(state secrets) Corruption is now a serious problem and contributing to 
a major share of poverty;
Continued entrenchment of the Homeland system, when Gov has the power to 
scrap it. - in fact they continue to pass laws further diminishing 
rights and further entrenching the system.

I would be most interested to know if Government officials and 
politicians have signed this pledge. As it seems to me that the one hand 
does not know what the other is doing.

I will go through the rest of it in the coming weeks.



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On 2013/08/03 08:42 PM, Chris wrote:
>      Aslam ,
>      With due respect .......
>      I had a look at your links and I am afraid I came away with the
>      impression that the RDLA effort is all pure progaganda -- geared to an
>      election next year..Talking about van Riebeck and colonialism ( of a
>      special type ) nearly four hundred years after the event , shows how far
>      some have drifted from the spirit of "Ubuntu" , Mandela and the Freedom
>      Charter.  ( Yes I can also read and understand "comrade-speak" ! ) I am
>      sure many ,  less well read in the REAL history are going to come away
>      with the crudely simplistic impression -- Very bad White man stole good
>      peace loving black mans land -- perhaps this is the message that the
>      ruling party intends they should have ? Apart from "open-eyes" I would
>      think that people should also have "open-minds"  ?
>      As you know I have been doing some reading on this issue and the
>      associated history. Without claiming to have any expert knowledge on the
>      subject and not having been directly affected ( I am not a land owner ) I
>      found the pages referenced did not contain anything that I would consider
>      educational -- at least in  any sense of offering a detailed intellectual
>      unbiased account. ( and when are people going to learn that if
>      information is behind a "sign-in-and-come-and-join-us" *Facebook* then I
>      am really not interested  ) -- BTW it appears you have 57 "likes' ? I am
>      not sure if that says anything significant ?
>      There are detailed accounts ( documents ) that are extant and which a bit
>      of searching will reveal.
>      I refer to the work of Professor Harvey M Feinberg  [ with Andre Horn
>      University of Pretoria ]
>      and an even more detailed account presented in the Masters thesis of
>      Patricia Grattan Dickson
>      "The Natives Land Act .1913: It's Antecedants , Passage and Reception"
>      University of Cape Town  December 1970
>      Which looks at original source records like  HANSARD and official
>      Government documentation.
>      Then there are the papers read at the LandDivided2013  Conference that
>      was held recently , also at UCT
>      Papers like that of Prof Peter Delius and William Beinart ( who if they
>      are reading this should get their paper out of draft form and onto the
>      LandDivided  website )
>      In short -- I see lots of emotion and very little REAL coverage of the
>      very complex and multi layered issues.
>      History ( especially when the issues are so sensitive ) needs to be
>      RIGOROUS !
>      For all the politicking , the money could rather have been given to
>      something like
>      [the] African Centre for Food Security
>      http://acfs.ukzn.ac.za/Homepage.aspx
>      That said , I do intend to visit the "show"  if / when it gets to UKZN
>      CM
> On 1 Aug 2013 at 8:50, Aslam Parker wrote:
>> Please circulate this to members.
>> Dear members of GISSA/SAGI/OSGEO
>> As you know the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform has put a
>> major interactive exhibition on the effects of the Native Land Act and
>> other Apartheid Legislation on human settlements and society. It is now at
>> Nasrec in Gauteng and will move to every province of the country. I
>> strongly recommend that you visit this free exhibition and encourage
>> colleagues and family to attend as well.
>> To unlock access to Facebook and other social media, like our Facebook
>> page on Facebook/reversingthelegacy and follow us on Twitter
>> @reversinglegacy #sa1913land act.
>> Also check out these You Tube links
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIXqnDdaeJo ,
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8L3kYeseFpQ ,
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3NKcTsa1aUto catch up on the latest
>> developments taking place at the 1913 Natives’ Land Act Exhibition.
>> Visit the Reversing the Legacy of the 1913 Natives’ Land Act website on
>> www.reversingthelegacy.org for more information on the exhibition. To view
>> the clip on the eNCA go to
>> http://www.enca.com/exhibition-set-open-eyes-about-native-land-act

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