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a coding challenge with a geo theme

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Hi All

There's going to be mini-hackathon that kicks off this Thursday. See
the description below:

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Date: 2 December 2013 11:40
Subject: Thursday Unhackathon: A Prototype Competition
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Dear All

On Thursday at 7.30 pm we'll be launching a competition at
un-hackathon hour as an end of year activity. The project is briefly
described on the Hack Dash
(http://code4sa.hackdash.org/p/529c42728e18517523000001), but
essentially we have three Apple Mini's to giveaway as part of a blitz
development project, that will close on 15 December 2013. We have a
graphic designer currently designing the branding and elements for the

The idea? Integrated Development Plans demonstrate the municipal
planning for a five year period, but are seldom reflected on by
citizens. The Integrated Development Planning Nerve Centre is busy
consolidating masses of data on IDPs and associated documents, and
have stated their intention to make this information open. Our problem
is trying to decide how this can be released in a meaningful way? We
are therefore going to develop a prototype online platform which
integrates the IDP projects relating to specific communities and shows
the intended budgets (thanks to the adjusted cape town budget) through
a clickable map. The information will then be manually turned into a
brochure on the different communities, which provides information on
what projects are intended, how to monitor their development and how
to engage with the relevant ward councillor on project progress. In
addition, there will be an RSS feed of upcoming IDP meetings to help
people potentially plan engagements.

On Thursday we'll discuss in a bit more detail the intended goals, as
well as competition 'rules' There will also be an opportunity to
discuss any other topics or potential hackdash projects.

The three categories we will be awarding prizes for will relate to:

Front-end (and mapping)

All code will be released as open source. The objective is to
demonstrate directly how open data can be used to benefit communities
and drive active citizenship.

Confirm attendance at the MeetUp here: http://meetu.ps/25gFWg

All the best,


Adi Eyal
Code for South Africa
Promoting informed decision-making

phone: +27 78 014 2469
skype: adieyalcas
linkedin: http://za.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Adi/Eyal
web: http://www.code4sa.org
twitter: @soapsudtycoon

For more information on how to participate in the open data community
in South Africa, go to: http://www.code4sa.org/#community

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