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On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 12:10 PM, Chris <chris at airphotoafrica.co.za> wrote:

>     Greetings all ,  ( those still checking their mail )
>     OK So here I am  -- my HP Microserver with 16Gb of RAM and 8 TB RAID
>     storage is nearly ready to go.
>     I know nothing about it , but would like to learn about Geodatabases --
>     what do I install ?
>     SpatialLite

Its a nice portable format but for heavy lifting use PostGIS.

>     PostGIS

Yes yes and more yes!

>     MS SQL Server 2012 Express

QGIS has a MSSQL client so in theory you can do it

>     ArcGIS Server for Workgroups

No idea what this thing is :-P

>     ( I am at an Tertiary Educational facility )
>     ??????
>     I like the idea of a server-client setup ( I have my own network )
>     My client will be ArcGIS 10.2 / QGIS 2.x
Gettting a backend that works equally well with both FOSS GIS and Arc***
products is probably the tricky part. There are a few options but all
involve compromise. Let us know what you come up with.

>     I do not mind the blood , sweat and tears of new experiences /
>     experimentation -- as long as I have some good documentation.
PostGIS is pretty well documented..

>     As far as I can work out there is still no direct support that enables
>     the ESRI storage types ( geometries ) to work with other FOSSGeo
>     databases ? ie read AND edit.
Not really any good solution that I know of. Maybe open web services is a
better way to interoperability....

>     Ideally I would like the database to reside on it's own dedicated
> machine
>     and the client likewise and then communicate / pull data over the Gig
>     network. I only need the capability of a few connections / users ( a
>     workgroup type setup )
>     I know Gavin runs courses with UP for this type of thing but I am in
> KZN.
>     ( and after spending all the bucks on the hardware not much left over )
>     Any suggestions ( with plusses and cons re the different options )
If you are there to learn and have time on your hands, my suggestion is try
them all and decide for yourself what the best tools are. Many of us have
made similar pilgrimages in the past and kinda stuck on things that we know
work, but its always good for someone to take stock every now and then to
see if our preconceptions have changed.

Have fun!



>     Thanks
>     Chris
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