[OSGeo Africa] Android based apps for navigation purposes

Wes Roberts wes at biocarbonpartners.com
Fri Jan 4 01:50:47 PST 2013

Dear Africa.osgeo


We are in the process of piloting a digital data collection app for our
biomass surveys. In the past we have used a handheld GPS with our plots
loaded as waypoints. We are now moving over to Android based devices and
would thus like to employ a suitable navigation app which allows us to
upload points (biomass plots) as well as additional layers such as roads and
boundaries and navigate to those points. In the past we have looked at GPS
Essentials, Backcountry as well as a number of others.


We are looking for suggestions for either free or paid apps that can be used
for navigation and orientation. 


Many thanks and kind regards,





Wesley Roberts PhD

GIS and Remote Sensing Professional

BioCarbon Partners

Email:   wes at biocarbonpartners.com 

Tel:       +27 83 5355 646 (South Africa)

Skype: roberts-w

 <http://www.biocarbonpartners.com/> www.biocarbonpartners.com



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