[OSGeo Africa] Seeking for employment

Diego Madanga diegomadanga at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 21:09:05 PST 2013

Iam a holder of a Bsc Honours in Surveying and Geomatics. Its now 2
years after graduation and i cant get a job, i am from Zimbabwe. I
have travelled to countries like South Africa and Botswana but nothing
has come up. I know in this mailing list there a people looking for
employees like me.

I can work in the field of GIS as a GIS Developer/Specialist, i am
good at programming in C++, Vb.Net, C#, java, asp.net, javascript,
html, css, ajax, python and many other languages. Iam also well versed
in GIS Software such as  Esri ArcGIS,  Open Source  software such as
Quantum,Grass, Map Windows, Elwis and server technology such as ArcGIS
Server, Postgres, PostGIS, Map Server, Open layers, GeoServer.

I can also work in the field of Engineering and Construction surveying
as well as Land Surveying.

I would be grateful if you help me kick start my career. I will
forward my cv to anyone who needs more detail. My email address is
diegomadanga at gmail.com.

Thank you"

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