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The Centre for Geoinformation Science at the University of Pretoria is presenting the following three courses through CE at UP between June and November 2013.

This course provides a practical introduction to PostgreSQL with PostGIS, covering the following major themes of spatial databases: installing and configuring PostGIS, viewing PostGIS data in a desktop GIS, spatial SQL queries, spatial joins and spatial indexing. Although the theory is explained, most of the time during the course will be spent on practical examples, ensuring that delegates understand how to view spatial data, query spatial databases, etc. The course aims to equip the delegates with the necessary skills and knowledge to use spatial databases in the daily operations of their respective jobs. 

Date: 10-14 June 2013
Presenter: Gavin Fleming

During this course the practical use of geographic information standards will be demonstrated. Upon completion of the course, delegates will know how to read, interpret and implement a geographic information standard. A selected number of ISO/TC 211 and South African national standards, such as ISO 19115, Geographic Information - Metadata, the South African address standard (SANS 1883) and some OGC web service standards, will be studied during the course.

Date: 15-16 July 2013
Presenters: Serena Coetzee and Antony Cooper

The course covers the Professional Practice theme described in the academic model of the South African Council for Professional Land and Technical Surveyors (PLATO). Topics include professionalism, professional ethics, social responsibility, professional practices, partnerships, client relationships, PLATO legislation and rules, Acts relevant to geomatics (e.g. Promotion of Access to Information Act, Spatial Data Infrastructure Act) and the role of international associations and societies in geomatics. 

Dates: Distance-based with workshops on 5-7 August and 25-27 September, exam in November.
Presenters: Serena Coetzee and Sanet Eksteen
Admission Requirements: Three year BSc degree; BA in geography or environmental science or related field; or relevant National Diploma for PLATO registration.

For enrolments and registration enquiries, contact Samedah Davis: 012 420 5015, info.ce at up.ac.za 

For course content enquireies, contact Serena Coetzee, serena.coetzee at up.ac.za

More information about the courses is available at www.up.ac.za/cgis, click on 'Professional development'

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