[OSGeo Africa] International Workshop on LULC - June 25th - 28th, 2013, @UNEP

Byron A. O. Anangwe banangwe at rcmrd.org
Wed May 29 01:00:49 PDT 2013




RCMRD, UNEP, Tsinghua University, Berkeley University, USAID and U.S.
Department of the Interior are jointly committed to host the above workshop
with the objectives below


1.	Discuss, demonstrate and review the methods, qualities, innovations
and technical issues involved in the new global LULC mapping products - the
30 m satellite derived global land cover map completed through international
collaboration between China and the USA with particular reference to Africa.
2.	Discuss and develop a plan for validating and improving the 30 m
land cover map product over the African continent.
3.	Define regional training needs for building capacity to improve the
national  and regional land cover datasets for Africa
4.	Discuss data sharing and applications for the high resolution global
land cover map for carbon cycling, biodiversity monitoring (particularly
Aichi Targets) greenhouse gas monitoring, and other environmental issues.
This may include a demonstration of carbon accounting applications.


Participation is open. Please register with Ms. Lu Liang
(luliang at berkeley.edu), Department of Environmental Science, Policy and
Management, University of California, Berkeley or Byron Anangwe
(banangwe at rcmrd.org), Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for


Please refer to concept note attached as well as tentative programme.

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