[OSGeo Africa] Become a Master of QGIS with this Free and Comprehensive Video Course

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Nice one Eric

Members I have been trying to convert a Cadastral .dgn (Microstation) file to a shape file so that I can use it in ArcGIS (or vice vesa) and also I want to maintain or keep the attribute information of the properties in the CAD file, has anyone done this? What is the best way of doing it?

Thank you kindly

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Warmly received.

Very helpful for students like myself,who understand after the fourth explanation.

Kindest Regards

TA Phasha
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Regards to all,

Useful QGIS learning material I came across, for those who may not have not know about it already.

LinkedIn Groups

  *   Group: GIS
  *   Subject: Become a Master of QGIS with this Free and Comprehensive Video Course

Hi Mappers,

Did you know that QGIS the free and open source Desktop GIS application is now 12 years old and has over 200,000 users worldwide? It's time to come and see what all the fuss is about and add this amazing application to your mapping toolbox.

Watch the first lesson of our free QGIS video tutorial course here: http://qgis-tutorials.mangomap.com/post/79334660226/qgis-video-tutorials-module-1-the-interface

In this first lesson you will learn about:

- QGIS interface
- Toolbars
- Loading data

As a member of the LinkedIn GIS group you are receiving this link one day before it's released everywhere else. We will be releasing a new video lesson each week and will be announcing it exclusively on the LinkedIn GIS group.

MangoMap CEO

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