[OSGeo Africa] Calling for gvSIG Community: Translations

Tshepisho Lefenyo tshepisho85 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 08:41:29 PDT 2014

Good day Mario

When you speak of translations to different languages,are you relating of
all African languages or is there a specific list?

Hope you will find my question in order.

On 17 Apr 2014 13:01, "gvSIG News Office" <press at gvsig.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> The necessary tasks in gvSIG 2.1 for maintenance and management of
> translations in the different languages have been carried out already. Now
> they have to be updated in order to have the final version with as many
> languages as possible.
> The participation of the Community is fundamental in order to get this
> objective.
> If you are interested in collaborating with the existing languages
> updating, as well as in translating gvSIG 2.1 to a new language you can
> contact the gvSIG Project [info at gvsig.com].
> Translations that aren't finished when the final version is released will
> be published as a package to be loaded from the gvSIG Add-ons manager.
> Best regards,
>     Mario Carrera
>     gvSIG Association
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