[OSGeo Africa] Fwd: Grandfather Clause open for PLATO PGP Registration Category

Gavin Fleming gavinjfleming at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 05:27:00 PST 2014

the announcement is official and the forms are available...

Hi Gavin,

A document is on its way soon explaining how the new Geomatics 
Profession Act affects you, as well as upcoming GISSA activities in this 

In the meantime PLATO has allowed a further opportunity for persons to 
apply for registration as Professional Geo-information Science 
Practitioners in terms of Section 20(2A) of Act 40 of 1984 (as amended 
by Act 170 of 1993).

The closing date for applications is 30 April 2014, no late applications 
will be considered.

In short the requirements are 15 years relevant GISc experience with at 
least 5 years management experience. A degree, which does 
not necessarily have to be a GISc degree, will also be accepted as part 
of the total experience requirement.

NOTE this is only for the PGP Category and not for Technician and 
Technologist categories.

Currently there are very few registered Professional Geo-information 
Science Practitioners practising GISc in the country and after numerous 
consultation processes the PLATO council agreed to reopen the 
Grandfather Clause to provide individuals whom did not apply in the 
first round with the opportunity to be assessed.

GISSA would urge all qualifying individuals to apply to ensure that we 
grow the profession with more registered professionals. 
Furthermore, many of the new tender documents have a mandatory 
requirement of a Professional Practitioner on the team to ensure good 
GISc work.

Begin the application process early as affidavits and proof of work 
experience are required in the application process and these can take 
some time to get hold of.

The Public Notice by PLATO and the Application forms are available on 
the GISSA Website at: 


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