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Subject: [SDI-Africa] South Africa: Geomatics Profession Act
South Africa: Geomatics Profession Act
The Geomatics Profession Act which aims to promote a high standard of
professional conduct for geomatics practitioners was signed this week by
President Jacob Zuma.

The act provides for the transformation of the geomatics profession and the
establishment of the South African Geomatics Council as a juristic person
and its facilitation of accessibility to the geomatics profession.

The geomatics practitioner collects and assesses geographic information and
applies that information in the efficient administration of land, sea and

The act also provides for:
•    Different categories of registered persons and branches in the
geomatics profession.
•    The identification of areas of work to be performed by the different
categories of registered persons.
•    The recognition of certain voluntary associations by the council.
•    The measures designed to protect the public from unethical geomatics
•    Measures in order to maintain a high standard of professional conduct
and integrity in the profession.
•    The establishment of disciplinary mechanisms and an appeal board.

The Geomatics Profession Act repeals the Professional and Technical
Surveyors' Act (1984).

The explanatory summary of the bill was published by the Department of
Rural Development and Land Reform in Gazette 35801 on 22 October 2012 and
the bill was tabled in parliament on 7 March 2013.

The bill was passed in the National Assembly on 20 June 2013, was assented
to by the President on 9 December 2013 and published in Gazette 37142 on 11
December 2013.

See Geomatics Profession Act:

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