[OSGeo Africa] KMZ/KML files in QGIS

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Hi Hanlie, 

There are lots of online converters and free software that can convert KML to SHP. Haven't really tried them but I hear that they work. Try them out and see what happens.

You can try this link. If it does not work, just look for other converters

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Was just wondering if anyone else has come across this and found a solution.

A client sent me a KMZ file with his data. QGIS can't read KMZ, so I
'unzipped' the KMZ file and a doc.kml popped out.

When I add that to QGIS, I get a list of layers that I can choose to
add - the list is the same as the one I see when I open the KMZ file
in Google Earth.

But some of the layers don't display and have no attributes. I can see
the points in Google Earth and they have attributes there, but the
layer is empty in in QGIS. When I zoom to the layer, it's in the
correct spot, no features display.

Any thoughts?

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