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To my knowledge not many farms fall within the municipal areas? In Namibia we have NNFU - Namibian National Farmers Union  and they have all the address

You can look at the following two sites http://afasakzn.weebly.com/

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Your best bet is each municipalities valuation roll.


On 2014/01/31 08:31 AM, Nyaladzi Nleya wrote:
Good day ladies and gentleman

Can anyone kindly assist me which is the safest and most cost effective way to get postal address information for farm owners in this country? I conduct land owner notifications on behalf of Eskom and I am finding it increasingly difficult to get accurate postal address details of farm owners across the country.I have a DEEDS Web account which successfully gives me details of farm properties however it does not provide postal addresses.I require this information as I have to inform land owners of Eskom activities.

Which search option can provide this information?Windeed? Is it cost effective?

kind regards



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