[OSGeo Africa] MAXENT model for predicting the spread of invasives

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Maxent software for species habitat modeling
Most current version: 3.3.3k (see new features below). 

Use this site to download software based on the maximum-entropy approach for species habitat modeling.  This software takes as input a set of layers or environmental variables (such as elevation, precipitation, etc.), as well as a set of georeferenced occurrence locations, and produces a model of the range of the given species. 

Further description of this approach can be found in: 

Steven J. Phillips, Miroslav Dudík, Robert E. Schapire. 
A maximum entropy approach to species distribution modeling.
In Proceedings of the Twenty-First International Conference on Machine Learning, pages 655-662, 2004.

Steven J. Phillips, Robert P. Anderson, Robert E. Schapire. 
Maximum entropy modeling of species geographic distributions. 
Ecological Modelling, 190:231-259, 2006. 
(datasets used in this paper are available below)

Jane Elith, Steven J. Phillips, Trevor Hastie, Miroslav Dudík, Yung En Chee, Colin J. Yates. 
A statistical explanation of MaxEnt for ecologists. 
Diversity and Distributions, 17:43-57, 2011. 

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Good morning members! 

Has anyone used the MAXENT (maximum entropy) model in ArcGIS 10.1?

Could someone kindly provide me with a link?

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