[OSGeo Africa] West coast road data request

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Hi Tyrel

You will need to approach the relevant road authorities (RAs).  The information you require can be made available to the public, but you will need to approach each RA individually.  There is no complete amalgamated data set available currently (that I’m aware of) that has information regarding pavement type (e.g. paved/gravel/concrete/block), pavement age, traffic, condition, RCAM classification etc.

The authorities are:
SANRAL – For National roads (and be aware that this is not only “N” roads like the N2 – many former Provincial roads have been transferred to SANRAL (“R” roads such as the R35))  .  Contact the road network management department.  SANRAL also have a year-book DVD that they make available (at a fee) with all the relevant information and reports published regarding their roads.

The Western Cape  Department of Transport and Public Works – Provincial roads.  They have a nice portal for roads-related information: http://rnis.pgwc.gov.za (only works in IE)

City of Cape Town – all roads that are within the metro area (that are not Provincial/SANRAL).

Relevant District Municipalities – roads that are not under the jurisdiction of the above 3 RAs – usually roads in small towns.  The RRAMS grant funding made available by treasury has initiated a process whereby all local municipalities (usually implemented via the relevant District Municipalities) are to implement road asset management systems (RAMS).  Data to be collected and maintained in such systems includes a road network inventory (represented spatially), traffic data (usually as annual average daily traffic), visual condition data (per TMH9 and TMH12) as well as classification of the roads according to RISFSA and RCAM (TRH26) (you can Google these to find out more…).

You should be able to get pavement type, pavement age and traffic data from SANRAL, the Province and the Metro – these RAs have pretty advanced RAMS.  I doubt you’d get reliable information for lower-order roads i.e. the RRAMS roads, but you can try.

You will probably also have to approach Cape Nature and SANParks for any information they might have on roads within their reserves (as these roads are directly under their jurisdiction) – they will probably only have road centrelines (and maybe surface type).  You may need to capture road type using satellite imagery.  For road usage (traffic), you could infer this from visitor entries to the various reserves.

Traffic data is usually made available as AADTs (annual average daily traffic) – this represents the traffic load on the network.  A secondary figure: percentage heavy is usually also available.  This is the percentage of the AADT that is heavy traffic (i.e. trucks).  This tells you which routes are important haulage routes.  Sometimes vehicle occupancy data are also available (although there are formulae and factors to infer this from percentage light) – this can reveal which routes are important transportation routes.

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Good day everyone,

I have a bit of a long shot request.

I am helping out with some research looking at natural background radiation levels. My colleague was testing the sensor on some roads and it gave some interesting results.
What I am looking for is a vector shapefile for roads that has such attributes as: road age / type / usuage etc. Basically any information regarding variables that indicate and/or influence the makeup of the road. Roads of interest are those of the West Coast (between Cape Town to Veldrif and extending inland to Paarl).

We are looking to turn this into an academic publicationa and/or a SU Honours project (if the pilot works).

Does any one think such a shapefile even exists ?

Best answer I have had so far is to go through Gov Gazette and make my own...

Many thanks,
Tyrel Flügel

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