[OSGeo Africa] Adding ESRI’s Online World Imagery Dataset to QGIS

Subhashini Pillay subhashini.pillay at digbywells.com
Tue Oct 14 00:51:33 PDT 2014

Ok cool, I will create an overall map and the 4 separate zooms

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Hi Paolo

works for me (Ubuntu 14.04, QGIS master).

You just need to remove any image enhancement such as cut to min-max to see it as intended.


On 14/10/2014 09:25, Paolo Cavallini wrote:

Il 13/10/2014 22:49, Gavin Fleming ha scritto:
> Pretty neat one-liner to bring in nice global hi-res raster imagery
> as a true raster layer.

> http://ieqgis.wordpress.com/2014/08/09/adding-esris-online-world-imagery-dataset-to-qgis/


I tried this a couple of times, but I always get an error:
Cannot open GDAL dataset
An error occurred while creating a virtual connection to the DAP server:
Error while reading the URL:
The OPeNDAP server returned the following message:
Bad Request:
Anyone has the same issue?
All the best.

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