[OSGeo Africa] Thematic historical maps/shapefiles of Johannesburg

Chris chris at airphotoafrica.co.za
Tue Dec 8 20:28:04 PST 2015

    Morning ,

    One of the earliest serious maps would be Jeppes map of the Transvaal    
    ( 1878 )  Just Google it you may even find copies online
    After that would be from the the Boer War ( 1899 -1902) -- the  Imperial 
    series of Henderson and then later the Major Jackson series. I often see 
    these referened in JHBG EIA's.  After that you would have to look at the 
    Union series. Copies of these maps can be found at a number of places 
    start at UCT / National Archives / National Library  ( and others ) There 
    may also be [municipal] maps complied for the city of JHBG. There could 
    also be maps complied for the Chamber of mines ? Perhaps there is a 
    carto-bibliography for the Transvaal ?  I am not holding my breath !

    Go to this site 


    Commission on History of Cartography


    lot of historical cartographic material to be found there
    and look for Professor Emeritus Elri Liebenberg ( ex UNISA )

    Unfortunately here in SA we do not seem to care much about history or 
    heritage and so there are very few detailed / accurate works on the 
    history of cartography in this part of the World ( and if there is it is 
    often the work of foreign specialists )



On 8 Dec 2015 at 15:49, Miriam Maina wrote:

> Hi Team,
> I have been looking for historical maps (or shapefiles) of Johannesburg's
> early (non-residential) land uses.
> A good example would be industry location and the manufacturing areas in
> the 1940's-1950's, or even further back.
> Would anyone have a resource or archive in mind? I don't mind digitizing
> hard copy maps, so libraries would also be okay.
> Many thanks,
> Warm Regards,
> *Miriam M. Maina*
> T. +27 11 717 7619
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> E. binti.m at gmail.com, maina_miriam at yahoo.com

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